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Joint Statement by the Embassies of France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States and the EU Delegation/EU Special Representative in BiH

2021 as a non-election year provides a window of opportunity for BiH to progress on the reforms which have been clearly identified in the 14 key priorities of the Commission’s Opinion on BiH’s EU membership application. This is possible only if all political and institutional stakeholders, alongside CSOs/academia and wider public, are meaningfully included.

BiH leaders have committed to these goals and it is important they do not lose sight of this opportunity and hamper the progress of the country.

Transparency and inclusiveness are critical for broad success, but frequent attempts to misrepresent or distort the role and intent of some international actors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the EU and United States, are counterproductive to the important reform processes necessary to increase democratic participation, enhance rule of law, spur economic competitiveness and recovery and restore citizen confidence.

We call upon all political actors to refrain from speculation and creating unnecessary tensions and instead turn their attention to the work andconstructive dialogue needed to move BiH forward on its chosen EU path.